Oldest skydiver Guinness World Records

Sweden’s Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson went skydiving on May 29, becoming the oldest person in history to tandem jump. Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson, of Sweden, has become the oldest person to jump out of an […]

Tyler Nii and his brother

Should rescue boats be on standby for all dropzones near water? Recent accidents in New Zealand are prompting calls for action. 27-year-old Tyler Nii died in January 2018 after he and his skydiving instructor crashed […]

sarah jane bayram death skydiving accident

After a skydiver drowned when swept out to sea at Muriwai Beach, standby rescue boats may become mandatory for all beach landings. British skydiver Sarah-Jane Bayram died March 10, after being involved in a mid-air […]

redbull plane swap crash

Two pilots attempted to jump out of their aircraft in mid-air, fly into each other’s planes, then land them safely. The stunt didn’t go as planned. On Sunday, April 24, veteran skydivers and cousins Andy […]

Alexy Galda USA wingsuit

The 35-year-old theoretical physicist is one of the most renowned wingsuit flyers in the world, but it’s the science behind the sport that keeps him interested. Chicago’s Alexey Galda is one of the most talented […]

josh neuman in mountains

"The 22-year-old was killed along with three others when their Cessna 172 went down over Lake Thingvallavatn."   American influencer Josh Neuman was killed on February 3 in a plane crash in Iceland along with […]

Tyler Turner paralympics

"Tyler Turner lost his right leg and part of his left leg after a skydiving accident in 2017. This year, he’ll compete in his first Paralympics as a snowboarder." Five years ago, 32-year-old Canadian Tyler […]

steve-o skydive

"A little masturbation went a long way when it came to helping the notorious daredevil conquer his fears." Twenty years after the first Jackass movie premiered in 2002, you’d probably think Johnny Knoxville and Co. […]

British Chimera Langar team

“Team Chimera,” based out of Langar Airfield southeast of Nottingham, is the United Kingdom’s top “open” team. Britain’s top 4-way open skydiving team is preparing for action in the 2022 Parachuting World Championships come fall. […]

Man making a perfect tandem jump

Once you've decided that you'd like to make your first skydive, it's time to take the most difficult step in the first jump process: booking a skydive. In this how-to guide, we take you through everything you need to know to book a successful tandem jump.


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