Use the following form to submit a new dropzone to our database. Please visit the listing of locations to ensure that the DZ isn't already listed.

  • Provide the name and airport code where the DZ is located.
  • Please provide a link to a high resolution overview image for your business. jpg, jpeg, or png images of less than 1mb can be uploaded.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
  • Provide the aircraft that are at the dropzone during the main season. This does not include aircraft that make brief appearances during boogies or other events.
  • Does your dropzone have a turbine aircraft onsite? Choose yes for all the time, seasonal if only during the main season, and no if not at all. Note: having a turbine only during boogies does not qualify as seasonal.
  • Any supported or required certifications required to jump at this dropzone. IE USPA, BPA etc.
  • Use this field to describe unique situations with this businesses opening hours. For example to describe seasonal hours or by appointment only times.

  • Please provide your name and contact information so we may get in touch with any questions or clarifications.