Jackass’ Steve-O Was Terrified of Skydiving… Until He Pulled this Disgusting Stunt

A little masturbation went a long way when it came to helping the notorious daredevil conquer his fears. 

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February 11, 2022
Owen Clarke

Twenty years after the first Jackass movie premiered in 2002, you’d probably think Johnny Knoxville and Co. would have thrown in the towel. Wrong.

Sure, everyone has a few more wrinkles, fat rolls, and gray hairs… but that didn’t stop Knoxville, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and the others from coming together for one last hurrah: Jackass Forever, along with a few new friends.

I watched the movie last weekend, and I’d say it’s no stretch to call it the best film of the franchise (though I was a few beers deep at the moment). They might be in their 40s, but they’re still going as hard as ever. It almost seemed like they were hyper-aware of the fact that they had to continue to one-up themselves, so these stunts are arguably even wilder than anything the Jackass crew did in their 20s.

With Jackass Forever marking the final traditional entry in the long-running franchise (Knoxville confirmed he was throwing in the towel after this, though others may carry on in his stead), prominent cast member Stephen “Steve-O” Glover took to CinemaBlend’s Reel Blend podcast to reminisce on some of the wilder moments of his history with Jackass.

From dangling on a tightrope over an alligator-filled pond to being dragged through the Gulf of Mexico as shark bait with a hook through his cheek to shooting fireworks out of his ass, if you didn’t know better, you’d probably bet that Steve-O wasn’t afraid of a damn thing.

You’d be wrong.

“I was afraid of skydiving. I really was,” the 47-year-old said. “I have this irrational fear of roller coasters, and bungee jumping, and shit like that. I just don’t like it.”

Steve-O’s answer?

Not to never go skydiving, but to jump out of the plane while masturbating. 

“20 years ago I said, ‘Dude, everybody does skydiving. That’s lame [to be afraid of it].’ If I ever go skydiving, I’m gonna be butt ass naked, with a dude strapped to my back, and I’m gonna be furiously jerking off.”

“So I time it that when I blow my load, I’m actually falling out of the airplane.”

He purportedly finally performed the stunt, as part of his infamous bucket list, promoted on his new “Bucket List Tour.” You won’t see this stunt or anything like it in Jackass Forever, however, or any future entry in the franchise. All of Steve-O’s bucket list stunts apparently fall into one of three categories resulting in disqualification. In his words: “They’re uninsurable, they’re flagrantly illegal, highly explicit. Like on a level that’s way beyond rated-R. My publicist doesn’t want me to call it rated XXX.”

“What else do you call a guy blowing a load as he falls out of an airplane?”

You might not get to see a guy masturbating while skydiving (and frankly, I’m not sure if you want to see that or not)… but Jackass Forever is in theatres now, and worth a watch. Just make sure you’re adequately intoxicated beforehand.

And if you’re interested in trying Steve-O’s stunt at home, well, go ahead. We don’t really care. It’s no skin off our backs. Just find a drop zone near you (but please make sure your instructor is okay with it before you whip your dong out in midair).

Published: February 11, 2022 | Last Updated: July 28, 2022

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Owen Clarke
Owen Clarke is an American action sports and adventure travel journalist. In addition to serving as an executive editor at Indoor Skydiving Source, he is an editor-at-large for Climbing magazine and lead writer for the adventure guiding outfitter Benegas Brothers Productions. He also writes for Backpacker, Outside, SKI, and Trail Runner, among other publications.

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