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Discover the unforgettable thrill of freefalling from 3,000 meters over the incredible landscapes around Split, one of the most picturesque cities in Croatia, and no other than the city of Mereen from Game of Thrones!

Once you meet with your professional parachuting instructor at Sinj airfield (about 40 minutes away from Split), you’ll have a safety briefing and you'll get to learn the details of your skydiving experience. Then, your instructor will kit you in your gear and the special dual harness before you board the aircraft. Once you reach skydiving altitude, it’s time to jump!

During your tandem skydiving session, you’ll get to experience the rush of adrenaline pumping throughout your entire body as you freefall in the open sky. Since you’ll be harnessed to the front of your certified parachuting instructor, you don’t need any extensive training to be in this state of euphoria as you leap towards earth at over 200 kilometers per hour! After experiencing one minute of pure freefall, you’ll open the parachute which will start off a slow descent so that you can take in some of the most remarkable sights of coastal Croatia.

Wish someone could record your epic aerial adventure? Don’t worry because you’ll get to bring home a video of your skydiving experience to awe your family and friends!

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